Meet Our Artisans



This hand-crafted collection is designed by Rochelle Hunt. Rochelle is a wife, a mother of two young children, a business owner and a fine craftswoman. She has been crafting since she was a teen and has tried her hand at many styles of art- artisanal jewelry and fine goods have become her niche. Rochelle works in copper, brass, and sterling silver and compliments these fine metals with only natural gemstones. All her jewelry is crafted in a small shop in Northern Idaho and custom designed, created, and finished by hand. Her jewelry is inspired by the gorgeous landscape that surrounds her shop nestled among the pines in the Idaho Mountains. The curved lines of nature, the sharp angles of rocks, and the shining beauty of a Summer's day in the mountains are reflected in her work.





Welcome to Twenty Acre Farms,  home of the Tiny House Boutique. We are the McBride’s. I am Bethany and I would like to introduce you to the man of my dreams, Matthew. He’s the one you’ll find behind the scenes making sure our hobby farm animals get fed and the website gets updated. My darling children are 3 more reasons I get up in the morning (they’re my organic, gluten free, sugar free alarm clock). They’re so full of life and keep me humble. They teach me to forgive quickly, love enormously, and not live life in the fast lane. Our life on our hobby farm encompasses so many things that we hold dear to our heart- Jesus, our kidlets, our animals that are all named, homeschooling, our seasonal farmers markets we host, growing our own food and so much more. 


The Tiny House Boutique offers handcrafted & repurposed products from local artisans all over the U.S.  and we also love carrying products with a purpose and amazing stories. Our Boutique is redefining the possibilities of an earring with being lightweight and comfortable through our handcrafted leather earrings made by Bethany herself. Where a large earring would normally be heavy and uncomfortable, these statement earrings are soft, lightweight, and easy to wear. We feature a variety of styles and shapes to complement any outfit in your wardrobe. The potential of leather as a material is virtually limitless. With trending colors, luxe textures, and classic patterns, like leopard and camo, there's no question you'll find a style of earring to love and gift at the Tiny House Boutique. 

I wouldn’t ever trade our hobby farm and home based business for anything in this world and to do it alongside my husband and children is breathtaking (except for the endless laundry and dirty feet muddying up my clean floors).

​So we welcome you to our homestead and our dainty boutique. We hope you join us on our journey! There’s plenty of produce to be preserved, earrings to create, and an abundance of delicious home-cooked meals from scratch ready to welcome you when you come visit. We'd be pleased to meet you.