Welcome to beauty REnewed!

What is bREak @ Paul Nelson Farm?

On the prairies of South Dakota, you’ll quickly feel the healing environment that surrounds you.  Come experience an adventure on the land that Lewis and Clark once explored. 
Welcome to an experience that renews and inspires you. You will be instructed on how to live by design not default. With the guidance of chefs, wellness instructors and LifePlan coaches, you will learn new ways of exercising, eating, thinking, relaxing and finding your purpose. Our goal is to help shift the way you think about daily life.  Lets create a bREak from the daily grind and focus on what brings joy.
Paul Nelson Farm is located in central South Dakota. It is the most prestigious hunting operation in the world. Men have been coming and returning to the lodge for over 25 years.
It's time for you to be pampered in this luxurious environment. 
Other than the limited staff and those joining your REtreat- you will find the farm the perfect place to get away from everyday demands. 
bREak was conceived as a way to people together. Time spent at the lodge will bring benefits for years to come, not just create a single memory.
40,000+ square feet of living space and 5,000 acres surrounding the lodge provide an intimate privacy to REflect and REcharge.
A shooting lesson from a professional instructor, a fly fishing demonstration, and a wine and cheese pairings class during cocktail hour are just a few of the things offered at bREak.
Our single occupancy rooms each with a private bath have been filled with the highest quality spa amenities. We feature extraordinary linens, plush terry cloth robes and heavenly down pillows and blankets.
An early morning yogurt bar followed by a wellness class, if you wish, is a great way to start your day!
Our bars are stocked with top shelf liquors and amazing wines from all over the country.
 There is no better place to get an authentic farm-to-table meal than at Paul Nelson Farm.

The Serenity Cabin-A Spa at PNF will feel like a vacation within your vacation. As you walk across the bridge and up the stone trail, you'll be swept away by a peaceful stream and a secluded cabin and experience the relaxation needed for renewal.view of Serenity Cabin- a spa at PNF

These are just a few of the experiences that this extraordinary rendezvous has to offer.  

 It's time to take a bREak. Click bREak down for more info.