Welcome to beauty REnewed!

About Us

I am bRE. I am beauty REnewed. REnewing ourselves and our spaces by bringing beauty in our lives through products and REtreats.

We are Lisa and Tami! We are cousins with a 'love' for family, friends, good food, great wine, and vacationing of any kind. We are active in our communities, busy moms, wives, and social butterflies that realize how important it is to experience a little part of these 'loves' everyday. We truly believe that if we are intentional about planning out these times, even if they are just moments in our day, we are able to REjuvenate and REfresh ourselves daily-making us better moms, wives, and community members. 
We have known each other our entire lives and have become even closer as adults, realizing that we are better together and have the same passions and dreams.
Hence, the reason we created beauty REnewed (bRE) product line, and a REtreat. bREak-A Beauty and Balance Retreat gives you a few days away to find out what your 'loves' are and how to experience these moments everyday. Our product line allows you to take a piece of the vacation home.